Is Jordan Poole the Third Splash brother?

With Klay Thompson still recovering and would be likely to be available by December, enter Jordan Poole, a third-year veteran and key piece in the Warriors' rotation.

The team needs to keep boosting their players and train more in order to beat the Lakers and all the other teams and rise to the top. Poole has had a phenomenal career in the past 2 seasons, achieving a career high and the potential to be one of the future stars for the team.

Poole has significantly enhanced his scoring – up to 12.0 points per game. He also improved taking shots divisions and scoring efficiency: from splits 33/28/80 to 45.4% TS for its debut year to splits 43/35/88 and TS 58.1% in the following year.

Poole on offense and defense

During the off-season, Jordan Poole doesn’t excuse himself from practicing and developing his game as a shooter and defensive player. He has participated in a number of games in various places for a good cause and greater purpose. Now, with the Warriors starting off the 2021-2022 NBA season at Chase Center against the Lakers, it’s gonna be a crucial and memorable game for the team.

However, it does not imply that Poole cannot be a skilful substitution and situational duplication, because he could not be an all-star, all-time great sharpshooter on this phase in his short career. He has so far displayed his expertise that he is an attacking positive asset out of the bench, but it may also be enough to function as a backup on until Thompson comes back.

Even though Thompson works best with Curry as they are the splash brothers, Poole makes an excellent gameplay for Curry as he learns a lot from the greatest shooter of all time. Curry shows how much he adores the young player and is passionate about mentoring him.

There is no denying that Stephen Curry's partnership with Jordan Poole on the court is brilliant and impactful. Curry's presence on the floor immediately makes him the spirit of the action, the heart and soul of the Warriors, where everything else needs to play a significant role; otherwise it would be strategic and competitive misconduct.

That assigns Poole mostly to a complementary scorer and playmaker who chooses to take advantage of Curry's magical pull to find his own scoring opportunities.

Poole as Thompson's back up

Last season, Poole has proven to the team how the pressure of taking over for the second unit off the bench, especially when Curry is injured has motivated him to do the best he can and play with all his heart. He was recognized to be player of the game when he got a new career high of 38 points in a 125–122 win over the New Orleans Pelicans last May 14, 2021.

In the last month of the previous season, Poole was Golden State's second most prevalent scorer. After concerns as to whether he was skilled enough for the League, Poole's spectacular performance during his sophomore year proved the doubters wrong.

He is seen as the player who can produce positive outcomes and create a huge impact from October and throughout the rest of the season. An indication that suggests that he could be willing to become an essential component for the team in the long run.

During that span of games, Poole averaged 18.9 points, on shooting splits of 51-38-90, emphatic proof that he more than belongs at the game’s highest level and that, just maybe, he may just become something quite special.

As the new season beckons, a continuation of Poole’s upward trend would have a material impact on the Warriors’ chances of winning the championship next season.