Harry Kane leaves Tottenham but comes back to the rescue to score goals


Harry Kane

The English player came off the bench to play for 20 minutes and score some goals.

A desire to leave but wants to make a lasting impact for his team 

Kane has faced a rough start to the campaign, but on the back of the uneasy summer when he was going out of the club, he still needs five Premier League trips to go on the visit of Aston Villa on that Sunday. Since 2015, he hasn't had six Premier League games without a score and supporters will look forward to swiftly rediscovering his form. 
There was Kane's 60-minute entrance together with Lucas Moura and Son Heung-Min that affected the momentum against the competition's lowest ranking club. At 2-0 the visitors - who became a group back in 2012, began the second half carefully and, when they extended a goal back, the visitors seemed competent.
Darren Bent tells talkSPORT that he thinks it's for the best that Harry Kane leaves Tottenham because he was offered a £150m deal in Manchester City. “It depends on the situation between the two clubs. “It might be best for all concerned that he goes to Manchester City, and Spurs get whatever they want – £150million.” Bent explained.

The offer that’s the best decision for both the player and the team

Kane’s surprising return impressed his team and a lot of fans. He showed finesse and skill on the field and did just as what was expected of him. Spurs legend Glenn Hoodle commented on Kane’s performance as well as addressing what can be improved and practiced more on, "He still has to score and he is ruthless. Harry Kane is back and scoring goals. He will feel great. It has worked out perfectly for him. He has scored a hat-trick and, in his mind, that Arsenal performance, which was poor, is out of the window."

How Kane’s new deal affects the Spurs

Spurs lost their last 3 games, including the north London derby, after winning the three league opening games and without establishing an objective. But despite the fact that it picks up nine league points, Peter Crouch says that it is too early to speak about a crisis, "At the present time, the crisis is a little strong, but not good."
They have had less target shots and less opportunities for open play. Thus far this season than any other Premier League club.
But Glenn Hoodle remains optimistic and says that Spurs manager Nuno Espirito Santo just needs time. "Nuno has to be given time. There is a helluva lot of work on the training ground to be done though. There really is."
So if ever Harry Kane wishes to pursue his career in Manchester City with that £150 million contract, the Spurs might have to find themselves another player to execute an incredible performance the way Kane did when he returned. Their players must work harder to maintain scoring goals and get better game results.