Equality in paycheck: US Soccer Federation offers a fair contract proposal to both men and women teams

Football paycheck between men and women players

Since 2019, female soccer players have been fighting against the USSF for their rights to an equal pay for the quality of their work. A single equal pay structure is “the best way to move forward”

An end to an unequal paycheck between each gender

“US Soccer firmly believes that the best path forward for all involved, and for the future of the sport in the United States, is a single pay structure for both senior national teams.” - The US Soccer Federation.

After reaching a settlement with a public sector union, the US Soccer Federation (USSF) filed a lawsuit for equal salary in December of last year with the Federal Court in Los Angeles. The agreement was known to be supported by the maile players as well. But in May 2020, a court denied the women's team's case for equal pay, and an appeal is ongoing.

It has been said before that the World Cup incentives for women cannot equal those for men due to substantial disparities in payouts provided to federations by FIFA for male and female events.

“We will not sign any collective bargaining agreement that does not equalize the FIFA World Cup prize money," the US Soccer Federation said.

The gap between the salaries of men and women players

According to US law, the men and women's organizations cannot negotiate together or agree to similar terms.

The prize money for the 2018 men's World Cup was $400 million (£312 million), with the winning nation France getting $38 million (£29.7 million). United States acquired $4m (£3.1m) from the 2019 Women's World Cup prize money of $30 million (£23.4million). There have been four U.S. Women's World Cup championships, including the last two.

For full disclosure, US Soccer said it will convince each group to participate in discussions if neither side agrees on a new contract before the end of the year.

The discussion for a solution

On September 10, at the time of a conference between the two teams, President Cindy Parlow Cone wrote in an open letter saying that "the enormous difference" in World Cup prize money is "by far the most challenging issue"

"Until FIFA seeks to change the prize money granted to men's and women's World Cup players, it is expected upon us to collaboratively find a solution," she added.

"Our commitment is to reach a deal for equal pay and the safest possible working circumstances. USSF's current proposal to us does neither of these things." said FIFA president Gianni Infantino.

The World Cup prize money has been increased to $440 million in 2022, and he suggested increasing the prize money for women by $60 million in 2023, when FIFA will have 32 women's national teams competing.

Also, USSF asked players and both player associations to help them in "finding a means to equalize FIFA World Cup prize money between the USMNT and the USWNT".