YouTuber Jake Paul Stays Undefeated in split decision win over UFC Vet Tyron Woodley

jake paul wins over tyron woodley

Showing off on the ring in led light trucks, the former welterweight champion held his own as he came to fight with 4 losses. Dismayed, he called for a rematch with Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul fought until the final bell for the first time in his boxing career, having won his previous three bouts by knockout.

Adding Woodley to the list of people he's knocked out is a major achievement for Paul. Longtime superstars Ali Eson Gib and Nate Robinson and also former ONE Championship title winner Ben Askren had all suffered defeats to Paul.

In September 2018, Woodley defeated Darren Till. But had sadly lost his previous four UFC fights on the other hand.

How the fight with Woodley ended prosperously for Paul

In a lasting 8 rounds of a boxing match, Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley fought to hold their records and move on to the next level in their boxing careers. 

Being his 4th professional boxing win and by the form of a split decision, Paul finally knocked out Tyron Woodley for the first time in a very tough fight. 

As he entered the ring on Sunday in Cleveland, Jake Paul walked out of the ring with no blemish on his record.

Another rematch?

While fighting, Tyron Woodley claimed to have hit harder and demanded a rematch. A left hook and a right hand sent Paul stumbling backward with his head under the top rope. 

Although Paul implied that Woodley was in it for the money, Woodley answered that he wants the fight, not the paycheck. 

Even though Woodley was never seriously injured, his pace was not sustained for a sufficient number of rounds. Being an older and more experienced boxer who’s been in the ring for nearly 20 years, he has had his fair share of bumps and bruises all throughout his career. 

With that, Jake Paul has deep admiration and respect for his senior opponent.

"He's been doing this for 20 years. I've been doing it for three. It was tougher than I expected. He put up a good fight. He's a good boxer. I have nothing but respect for him." said Paul when asked about Woodley.

He fought the good fight

It may not have been aesthetically pleasing, but Jake Paul put his heart into it, according to Mauro Ranallo of Showtime. 

Tyron Woodley may be a tough opponent to beat, but it wasn’t the case for Jake Paul. Although he did admit it fairly that he had a difficult time during his fight, he still fought his way to win. 

With his competitive heart and determined spirit, Paul clearly proved how he has nothing left to lose. Having a widely successful career as a famous personality star in social media and Youtube, Paul showed his fierce side and continued his win streak in the boxing ring and mixed martial arts.

When it came to body shots Paul had an advantage of 22-6, while Woodley had just 52 punches landed.