Usman vs Masvidal finally happening at UFC 251. Gamebred steps in on late notice

Jorge Masvidal didn't want to fight for less money. Now, the UFC might not have a choice as the 
B.M.F. champion is the only viable option to fight Kamaru Usman.

Masvidal will meet Usman next weekend at UFC 251. The UFC officially announced the news on Sunday. The deal was verified by multiple news sources.

Usman vs Masvidal at UFC 251

The original main event was supposed to be Usman facing Gilbert Burns at the first ever UFC Fight Island. 

Unfortunately, Burns and his brother, also another UFC fighter Herbert tested positive for COVID-19. This led to a major hole in the scheduled main event since Masvidal initially didn't want to fight for less.

The inevitable has happened though as it's UFC's B.M.F that is their only hope to salvage the welterweight title main event. Looks like the UFC has now gave in to paying Gamebred worth his draw.

Hurdles still on its way

The fight isn't 100 percent on yet. Usman and Masvidal will still need to go to Las Vegas to undergo COVID-19 tests. Only then they both test negative that they can fly to Abu Dhabi.  

Once they land there, they will be tested again. Nothing is set in stone yet unless all tests undergone for both fighters return negative.

Let's just pray all becomes well as we're finally getting the welterweight title fight we wanted.