The Curious Case of Dion Waiters

Where Waiters is right now

Dion Waiters has been making waves once again with his good performance with his new team during "The Bubble" since being signed by the Los Angeles Lakers last March, but this time on a positive note. 

The former fourth overall pick hadn't played for almost six months due to his suspension sanctioned by the Miami Heat which caused him to be traded to the Memphis Grizzlies only to be waived later on. But now, it seems Waiters is finally starting to make a stride to recover from his previous setbacks.

During the scrimmage won by the Lakers 119-112 against the Orlando Magic, the 28-year-old guard had 12 points on five-for-nine shooting and three rebounds in 21 minutes and had a total of 21 points combined in the last two scrimmages played by the Lakers.

The Potential

Waiters was a highly touted prospect that earned him a 4th Pick during the 2012 NBA Draft. He showed an early glimpse of his talent and potential with the Cleveland Cavaliers but was later on traded upon the return of Lebron James to the team to the Oklahoma Thunders. It is only upon his stint with the Miami Heat where he, again showed those qualities. He looked like a franchise player during his stint in south beach, earning him the title "Waiters Island'', giving Miami Heat fans hope that another Wade-like figure has arrived. 

The Bad Side

However, his progress was once again derailed by disciplinary actions. Waiters were suspended by the Heat on three separate occasions one was due to "conduct detrimental to the team" and another for calling into work with an illness, then posting a picture of himself on his Instagram page on a boat celebrating his birthday that led to his trade. Once again, his potential was once again hampered by his attitude problems and lack of focus.

Verdict: Bright Light might come to Waiters Island once again

Waiters seem to love playing with the Lakers as shown by his interviews after his first two scrimmages with his new team. 

"Honestly, just the vibe, having that camaraderie, The guys cheering you on, calling your name, 'Philly Cheese, Say Cheese' when you make a shot. It's a little bit of everything. It's been great since I got here. They welcomed me with open arms. I really can't complain. I'm thankful, to be honest, to have a group of guys like that to support me. I'm happy," Waiters said. 

He also emphasized his good relationship with his reunited teammate, Lebron James, 

"People don't even know when 'Bron first got back, he took me under his wing, He was with me every day," Waiters said. "A lot of things that were out there weren't necessarily true, but that's the media…I don't care. I see some, but I don't see a lot. I see some, but I don't see the most.

"I don't care, but this time around, I'm a little older. I'm a father now. I have three beautiful kids. I'm a little wiser now. A little older.

This is a good sign for a player like Waiters who has not reached his potential yet. If he can seize this new golden opportunity, he can reach the ceiling that has been set for him when he was drafted by the Cavaliers in 2012. 

Only time will tell, and time is on his side as he is only approaching his peak years.

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