Rumor: Kevin Love wants out of Cleveland?

Kevin Love has turned from “I do want to be here. I always have” to “Let the chips fall where they may” real quick.

Reports state that Love wants to play for a contending team as Cleveland continues to struggle this season. Talented veterans are usually not patient enough to play for a losing team.

Is Love going to push for a trade?

Love has seen healthier days as of late. He has continued providing in ways he usually does with or without superstar teammates beside him.

Recent reports haven't verified a trade request yet though seemingly imminent. Love leaking out his displeasure puts a little more pressure on a losing Cavs team.

Cleveland appears willing to grant Love's wishes as they have started to explore the market. The problem though is finding a trade partner for the 31-year old.

Is acquiring Love worth it?

Love has a $28,942,830 salary this season. He is still owed $91,459,342 over the next three years of his contract. The 31-year-old looks to be approaching the tailed of his prime. 

He's still star material however as he can give any team an additional 12-15 rebounds per night on top of his scoring. Despite his assets though, his contract and age might be a red flag for possible takers.

It is unsure which team will be willing to surrender their assets to Cleveland for Love.

It was Love's choice to stay

Love thought it was wise to stay in Cleveland when he signed a big extension despite LeBron James leaving for Los Angeles.

He just felt comfortable in Cleveland, and may have been the wisest decision since he now has a ton of money guaranteed compared to what offer he may get at this point. The possibility of pushing for a trade later on may have been considered upon signing the extension.

Whatever happens during the course of the season, all parties must think of an exit plan for a possible Love departure from Cleveland.

Will Kevin Love be traded before the deadline? Let us know where you want to see the double-double machine go.