Dominick Reyes knocks out Chris Weidman at UFC Boston

Dominick Reyes continues to climb up the light heavyweight ranks as he chops off a former champion in Boston. 

It only took one round for Reyes to knock out former middleweight champion Chris Weidman. The win is definitely the biggest of his career so far as Reyes spoils Weidman's hopes of winning a title at light heavyweight. 

Reyes will definitely be in title talks anytime soon.

Dominick Reyes knocks out Chris Woodman

The usually composed Weidman changed levels and closed the distance. He even managed to press Reyes against the cage wall and score a takedown. 

Reyes was composed as well as he skillfully made his way back up to the feet. Weidman continued to work for more takedowns but Reyes managed to free himself from the collegiate All-American freestyle wrestler’s grasp. 

Just as Reyes was starting to get the fight to where he wanted it, Weidman looked to close in again. Unfortunately, he missed a right punch aimed at his retreating opponent. Reyes connected with a counter straight left punch that dropped Weidman. He then followed up with hammer fists to the jaw prompting referee Herb Dean to stop the fight at 1:43 of the first round.

Reyes broke down what happened during the fight. “Early in the fight I seen it, I seen the opening,” Reyes recounted, after.

“I knew he was going to lunge in, and I cracked him in the jaw.”

“I was out there having fun, feeling loose. He came in, and I put him down,” Reyes said in the post fight interview. “It was everything I ever imagined it to be. I’m so honored to fight Chris, he’s a fantastic competitor,” he added.

Is Weidman exposed now?

Weidman got a lot of hype from knocking out Anderson Silva to win the UFC middleweight title. The once undefeated fighter has now lost five out of his last six fights. The sad part is all came by either knockout or technical knockout.

Weidman’s record now stands at 14-5, far from the seemingly unbreakable 13-0 he once had. Reyes came into Friday’s main event undefeated. He already won his first five fights in the UFC and improved to 12-0 after finishing Weidman.

Reyes calls out Jon Jones

Reyes has beaten former title-challengers and top contenders in his previous five fights. He now added former world champion in his list of victims.

He clearly believes he’s earned at least discussions into the title picture. Before leaving the cage in the Boston Garden, the 29-year-old called out light heavyweight title-holder Jon Jones.

“Hey Jon, I don’t want any party favors, man,” Reyes said as he called out Jones.

“I want that belt baby, let’s go!” he taunted.

Is Dominick Reyes worthy to be next in line for Jon Jones' title? Who else should he fight though on his way to the light heavyweight title? Tell us your thoughts on the up and comer.

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