Patriots looking better than ever Sunday night

Ben Roethlisberger was swarmed by the Patriots defense, including Michael Bennett (77). (Getty Images)

The New England Patriots might be just as good despite the departures that happened last offseason.
It's a huge possibility that the Patriots will see the superbowl again after their good show. Add Antonio Brown before Week 2 and that's a more dangerous team.
Nobody is giving the miserable Miami Dolphins a chance in next Sunday's game with the Patriots.

Patriots dismantle steelers

The Patriots didn't give the Pittsburgh Steelers a chance. They dismatled the Steelers 33-3 in a lopsided game. 
They looked like one of the 2004, 2007, 2014 or whichever great New England lineup you want to pick. It was definitely reminiscent of one of their most dominant games.
The Steelers had Brown with them when they beat the Patriots in the regular season last year. That was last year though. The Patriots looked better this time around.

Playing well as usual

Tom Brady made history once again. He became the first 42-year-old quarterback in NFL history with a 300-yard game. Brady achieved the feat before the end of the third quarter. 
Josh Gordon is back to scoring touchdowns for New England. The team can run the ball when it chooses to, and now their passing game is reinforced with plenty of weapons. 
They’ll be harder to beat if Brown plays next week. 
New England could be better than last season
The Patriots have been good for quite some time now. Last year's championship just proves how good they already were
Non-Patriots fans will hate the team's newest acquisition this season. New England landed Brown on Saturday after himself released from the Raiders.
Brown's arrival does not mean New England will be flawless. There is still a possibility that he dusrupts the team like he did in Pittsburgh and Oakland. We know Bill Belichick won’t put up very long with such.
Sunday night's game though shows that the Patriots don’t even need the best receiver of this decade. Brown's arrival is scary talent wise though.

How good are the Patriots this season? Will Antonio Brown's arrival be helpful or disruptive? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.
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