Cam Reddish Will Be Better Than Zion Williamson Says NBA Rookies

NBA rookies believe <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nba/players/6172/" data-ylk="slk:Cam Reddish">Cam Reddish</a> will emerge from <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nba/players/6163/" data-ylk="slk:Zion Williamson">Zion Williamson</a>'s shadow as a pro. (Getty)

Zion Williamson may be the generational talent the NBA has been waiting for. Is he the rookie with the most upside though?

The New Orleans Pelicans rookie is the most intriguing NBA prospect in years. 

Players, coaches, front office staff, media and fans alike all wonder if Williamson's massive 6-7, 285-pound built can hold up long-term.

Most of the 2019 batch of NBA rookies don’t believe Willamson will live up to expectations. 

They think Zion’s Duke teammate will do better.

Survey reveals

In NBA's annual rookie survey, polling players didn't have much confidence in Williamson in the long run.

NBA rookies believed Williamson’s Duke teammate will end up having a better career. The answer wasn’t R.J. Barrett.

Atlanta Hawks rookie Cam Reddish got a whopping 19 percent in the poll of rookies polled. 

They believe that Reddish will end up being the best player from the 2019 NBA draft class.

Does Reddish have a better upside?

Reddish's lone season at Duke suggests that there is latent potential. It's the type of potential that develops from top-level training, extended playing time, and humble teammates.

At Duke, Reddish shot 35.6 percent from the field and 33.3 percent from the college 3-point line. He plays the wing position and is comfortable with either shooting or driving to the hoop.

He was relegated to third option on a Blue Devils’ loaded class of one-and-done freshmen which probably has affected his draft stock.

Nonetheless, the Atlanta Hawks selected him with the 10th overall pick in June’s draft.

How Reddish will fit in the NBA

The 19-year old Reddish is listed at 6 foot 8 and plays both the shooting guard and small forward positions.

He has the size and the intangibles to perform at a decent level in the NBA. The number of touches he gets might be the problem.

Trae Young likes to take liberties with the ball. Then there is Jabari Parker and John Collins who can also score. There is also Evan Turner who's cooperation with young rising stars is questionable

Another dillemma is fellow rookie De'Andre Hunter who plays the same position. Incidentally, Hunter was drafted way ahead of Reddish

It will take a coach's trust and a little bit of humility from teammates for Reddish to develop to the level he is predicted to reach.

Indeed there is potential

Reddish will only turn 20 next week. He is definitely in the infancy of his physical prime.

He already has his size as an asset. Couple that with his tremendous athleticism and he might be a Rookie of the Year candidate.

Williamson is definitely the early favorite for the award but what works at 19 doesn’t necessarily work at 25 or 30 years old. Charles Barkley said that 285 pounds isn’t going to cut it for Williamson in the long run.

His fellow rookies agree too.

Does Cam Reddish have what it takes to be a star? Let us kow what you think in the comments below.