John Gotti III has found a new path in MMA

A career as an MMA fighter is full of thankless recognition and sometimes deception. 

Some of these Mixed Martial Arts fighters live a simple life of training and fighting while others get involved with the flashy, peripheral elements of the business such as flexing and antics.

Thanks to the new approach by the TV series The Ultimate Fighter, admitting you do an actual day job is no longer considered a mortal sin. 

While fighters can now peacefully do day jobs on top of training, others chose to pursue it full time to keep themselves and away from distraction.

One of them is 3-0 professional mixed martial artist John Gotti III. 

It’s a full-time job for some

The concept of the film “300” is calculating every point of attack precisely in order for an army of 300 Spartans to defeat an army of thousands without any of them dying.

For an MMA fighter, that means waking up early every morning to get more done in a day. Every jog, every meal, every early night are all calculated to get the most out of their training camps.

“Once I decided I wanted to do this, I made it my full-time work,” Gotti says in an interview. The 26-year old is looking to make a name of his own in mixed martial arts insisting that “professional” isn’t in name only.

Gotti fought last May 31 in the CES promotion at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. 

The simple life of a fighter 

Gotti shares how simple his life is as a full-time fighter. “I hit the gym twice a day, try to eat and live clean, sometimes go out to a restaurant to celebrate,” he shares.

“sometimes catch a movie, but that’s pretty much it. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Doing what I love and being around those I care about is all we need,” Gotti adds.

The young professional athlete must maintain a basic and effective lifestyle in order to become what he wants. 

 “We’re simple people,” he continues. 

How Gotti prepares for a fight 

Gotti thinks that the routinized lifestyle of professional fighting “I think it fits my personality well.” He considers it a large part of what he likes about MMA.

This means a strategically planned itinerary of when he eats, when he sleeps, and when he trains. It is basically a regimen that all fightes employ during training camp.

Gotti is one of those who do it with or without a scheduled fight.

Want to see John Gotti III in action? Stay tuned for the latest on his next fight.

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