Will Man U pull another win from Barca?

Manchester United surprisingly has managed to limit 
Lionel Messi's game to just average. 

The Red Devils gave Messi a hard time during the first leg of the quarter-final of the Champions League. 

What happened in last time

United recorded a pass success rate of 82 per cent, two dribbles and one key-pass. These are good numbers which played a massive role in FC Barcelona's loss. It also led to the goal that won the game.

Messi was out of his game as he only registered just one shot on target. David De Gea denied the Argentine his other clear opportunity while Chris Smalling had a huge role to play in nullifying him.

Smalling may have literally done damage as his trailing arm caught Messi on the face during a challenge. The hit caused the Argentine to bleed on his nose and in his eyes.

Damage taking its toll?

Messi has a history of getting hurt in El Clasicos in the past. He would always bounce back with a good outing in the duels that followed. 

The Barcelona star is looking to have his revenge and Smalling might just be aware of that. Messi was unable to be a threat during the first leg but how he's more familiar with what he has to face.

That challenge by the United centre-back proved to be the effort that removed Messi out of the equation in the first leg. But the Argentine is favourite to assert himself in the second leg and take Barcelona to the semi-final for the first time since the 2014/15 season.

United's Scott McTominay also 
played a massive role in neutralizing Messi's strengths. A product of the United academy, McTominay bossed the midfield and suffocated Barcelona’s attacks to desolate Messi's involvement. 

Another midfielder making his mark for United is Fred. He had a great outing as he stepped up to the challenge of stopping Messi.

Home turf advantage

The two teams played at Camp Nou last time and ManU did a good job beating Barca on their home turf.

This matchup will be sort of a Messi vs Smalling part two as the Ballon d'Or winner is looking to bounce back. 

Can Messi decide the fixture or does Smalling have a surprise in store? Let us know what you think.

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