What CM Punk's BJJ competition means for his future

After spendiny years in the independent scene trying to carve a name for himself in the squared circle, CM Punk just can't seem to replicate the same feat when it comes to combat sports.

The pop he received when he competed with WWE couldn't be replicated in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and its individual disciplines.

Formerly dubbed as the Second City Savior, Phil Brooks has not tallied an impressive MMA record for the revenue he generates for the UFC.

Not what it seems

The picture looks good right? Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted however that that CM Punk actually finished last in a recent competed BJJ tournament he competed in.

He placed third in a weight class where there were only three competitors. Although he hoped to do better, that bronze medal is just a "feel good" trophy.

Sporadic appearances in Pro Wrestling

Punk used his real name to quietly compete in a novice BJJ tournament. He used a fake identity though to appear in an indie event under a mask on the exact same day and area.

Proof of his identity as the masked wrestler is making rounds online. Punk noted in the past that he plans to pop in and out of the scene every now and then. 

It looks like these sporadic appearances will be the itch that Punk can't just scratch off.


Punk is still in tremendous shape as he continues to train in Duke Roufus' gym in Milwaukee. His current physical condition is enough to not hold any rust wherever sport he chooses.

Career wise, he can continue to fight out his UFC contract as the money will be better there than elsewhere. On the other hand, the WWE can also throw in some money shall all be forgotten.

At 199.9 pounds, Punk may be thrilled by the idea of being the top star of 205 Live. There is also NXT where the culture and storylines might be more of his niche.

The UFC ironically makes money out of Punk's name despite the lackluster performances. Usually a fighter of his standing is immediately booted out of the company.

It is astounding that Punk is still part of their roster. Will his next fight be combat sports or sports entertainment?

Where does CM Punk belong? Should he consider wrestling again? Leave a comment and let Punk know where you want to see him.

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