Why Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury II Must Happen

The inevitable showdown between WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury went as expected but ended in a surprise.

The two unbeaten heavyweights fought to a Split Decision draw when one judge scored the fight at 113 apiece. The judges scores were 115-111 for Wilder and 114-112 for Fury.

Each of the 17,698 fans in attendance at the Staples Center witnessed first hand how the fight could have gone either way. Both boxers stayed firm though with their takes on how they performed. 

Wilder is convinced that the two knockdowns he scored were enough to pull away and decided to pace himself. Fury on the other hand thinks he won the fight, downplaying the two times he had to answer to a referee's count.

It is understandable that both competitors are on the same elite level which is why it is expected that the two will not be as dominant-looking as in their past fights.

The Champion scored his first knockdown in the ninth round already but the challenger quickly recovered and got the better part of that round after.

It was in the 12th round that the unthinkable happened. Wilder landed his signature right hand to knock down his opponent almost for good.

Fury did the unthinkable however when he sprung up from being knocked down cold acting like it never happened. He looked like a dead man that was instantly resurrected as he powered through to go the distance.

Who really won?

Both fighters seemed equal all throughout the match save for the knockdowns Wilder scored in the ninth and 12th rounds. Fury was landing more significant strikes though to counter Wilder's power advantage.

The result wouldn't have been like that, especially with those two knockdowns. Had Wilder shown complete dominance, he could have had the fight in the bag.

One judge had to give the fight to Fury for his heart and effort. He was also landing more of the punches that get scored points on.

A draw is only fair, especially with how close the scoring of the fight was.

Should there be a rematch?

IBF, WBA, and WBO Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua looks to collect the final piece in his collection, which is the WBC title.

Wilder may have retained the title and a fight with Joshua is what is most likely coming up, but there has to be a clear winner first which is why Wilder vs Fury II must happen.

The two finishers have already desolated each other's abilities by having to go the distance. It will be interesting to see how each one has evolved after that fight.

People have been waiting for an eventual Joshua-Wilder match up but it will have to wait since Fury still has a fighting chance as he showed last Saturday.

Should there be a rematch between Wilder and Fury? Who gets Anthony Joshua next? Comment down below and let us know your thoughts.

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