NCAA Rankings: Duke Moves to No. 1

Duke made a huge statement when they destroyed Kentucky in their NCAA season opener, earning them the top spot in College Basketball.

The nation's top team would then drop to No.2 after Gonzaga beat them at the Maui Invitational championship last month. 

They regained their spot on top back with a win over Princeton and No.12 ranked Texas Tech last week. 

Kansas loss to No.18 Arizona State helped boost Duke back up to the top spot.

Duke regains top spot

The Blue Devils started their season at No.4 before moving to number one. This is the second time they have claimed the top spot after receiving 35 of 64 first place votes.

No. 3 Tennessee was the runner up with 12 first-place votes, followed by No. 2 Michigan with nine. No. 4 Virginia and No. 5 Kansas received four votes each.

The first place votes do not affect the rankings however as the seeding will still be based on records. 

Full Rankings:

1. Duke (35 first-place votes)2. Michigan (9)
3. Tennessee (12)
4. Virginia (4)
5. Kansas (4)
6. Nevada
7. Gonzaga
8. Michigan State
9. Florida State10. Virginia Tech
11. Texas Tech
12. Auburn
13. Ohio State
14. North Carolina
15. Wisconsin
16. Kentucky
17. Arizona State
18. Marquette
19. Mississippi State
20. N.C. State
21. Buffalo
22. Houston
23. Indiana
24. Iowa
25. Oklahoma

Has Duke solidified their status as the team to beat? Who will try and steal the top spot from them? Leave a comment and let us know why your favorite team might score the upset.

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