Khabib Nurmagomedov Submits Conor McGregor in Round 4

UFC 229 did not disappoint as the card was stacked and action packed. In the main event, Khabib Nurmagomedov fought Conor McGregor in a highly anticipated lightweight title fight.

Khabib submits Conor in the fourth round to retain the UFC Lightweight title. The win however was scarred by the drama that happened in the aftermath of his win.

The fight

The buildup to UFC 229 has been spectacular as two of the best fighters in the UFC today are set to battle in the main event. 

This was a classic striker vs grappler fight that could go either way as both fighters have fought contrasting styles in the past.

The first round became the usual feel out process as Conor tries to land with his textbook striking while Khabib was looking to take things to the ground early. Khabib manages to push Conor against the corner and take him to the ground.

As round two started, the two were exchanging on the stand up as Khabib manages to land an overhand right which nearly dropped the challenger. The champion then goes to the ground once again and starts to dominate McGregor again in a round that may have gone 10-8 in the scorecards.

In round three, the Conor saw some signs of hope as his Russian counterpart seemed gassed from all the effort he put into the first two rounds. Conor was starting to land significant strikes but Khabib was in there firing back however, the round goes to the Irishman for this one.

The fourth round shows an exhausted McGregor while Nurmagomedov seemed recharged. The champion then brings the fight back to the ground where he was looking for ways to finish the fight via submission.

Khabib finds an opening as Conor gives up his back, partly due to exhaustion and a attempt to stand up. The champion would then sink in a rear naked choke at the 3:03 mark in which the challenger taps.

Nurmagomedov now moves to 27-0 while McGregor falls to 21-4.

The drama

Khabib continued to talk trash to a downed Conor even after the fight. Referee Herb Dean separated Khabib, who then proceeded to jump the cage and attack Conor's teammate Dillon Danis, who was at cage side.

A member of Khabib's team would then attack Conor inside the cage and deliver a cheap while officials were busy separating the action outside the cage.

Once the chaos was over, Khabib was asking for his belt, which according to UFC President Dana White, he can't strap onto the champion as the fans in attendance might cause more chaos.

The official decision announcement was cancelled and both teams were escorted out of the arena. What happens next after all the fiasco remains to be known.

Does Khabib deserve to keep the belt after all the chaos? Will there be a rematch after all this? Let us know your thoughts.

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