UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley Not Willing to Face Kamaru Usman

UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley is not one to pick out who he faces however, he still has his hesitations if not ready.

As planned, Woodley is set to defend his Welterweight title against Darren Till in 10 days at UFC 228. With Till's problems with making weight in the past, the UFC came up with a back up plan to tap Kamaru Usman as a replacement shall all plans fall out.

The champion was interviewed on Ariel Helwani's MMA show and said "I'm not going to fight Usman on no 24-hours notice." Furthermore, he stated that "I've been training with a six-foot-three striker, a southpaw. Not a five-foot-ten poor stand up."

Ducking a challenge?

Title holders have known to be informed of sudden changes in a title fight on late notice. Lack of preparation isn't always the case as oftentimes, fighters tend to adjust despite late notices.

Woodley indicated that if Usman would want to fight him, it has to be on full training camp. He also threw UFC fighter Donald Cerrone's name in as a person who is willing to step in on late notices.

"I deserve proper time to prepare and train for a world title that I worked so hard for. I'm not going to step in. I'm not that guy. Go grab [expletive] Cowboy (Cerrone). I'm a professional and I'm a champion. If (Usman) wants to fight me, its going to be on a full training camp and I would gladly take him up on that offer" Woodley said.

What happens then?

The UFC have yet to comment on Woodley's statement but rest assured, he wouldn't be getting his way shall things not go as planned. Woodley and Till have already been going at each other in interviews and Till will make sure he does not pass on a opportunity to fight the champ.

As for Kamaru Usman, he most likely is already preparing full camp for a potential title fight against Woodley. Shall "Plan B" push through, expect the potential stand up title fight to become a technical battle on the ground.

Will the UFC sanction Tyron Woodley of he refuses to defend his title? Will Darren Till make weight? Let us know your thoughts.

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