Anderson Silva vs Georges St. Pierre Could Possibly Happen

Anderson Silva has long been out of the title picture since he lost to Chris Weidman twice in 2013. Since then, the former UFC Middleweight champion fell on a slump before winning a decision against Derek Brunson in 2017.

Silva, now 43 still has a couple of fights left in his UFC contract however, he is still serving a suspension from USADA for a failed test and wouldn't be cleared to fight until November of 2018.

In an interview with Inquisitr, Silva expressed interest in a fight with former champion Georges St. Pierre. He said that "Georges is the great name in Canada; I'm the big name in Brazil. I believe everybody in this sport [would] like to see Georges and Anderson Silva in a super fight."

St Pierre however was not interested as he stated back in May 2017 that Silva's stock wasn't what it once was.

Still a "super-fight"

An MMA fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre has been talked about for years, way back when the two dominated their respective divisions. Despite all talks and speculations, no such fight materialized.

Despite the conflict of interest or lack thereof between the two fighters, this fight could still possibly happen if the price is right. Both fighters are at the twillight of their careers and it would be a shame if the superfight of a bygone era would never materialize.

Does St. Pierre have an attitude problem?

St. Pierre's comments about Silva's stock can come as unacceptable judging by how he handled his own career. As a fighter, St. Pierre has held himself as a respectable martial artist and champion however, his decision making can be questionable.

He started by not giving fans the show he used to put on since the day he lost to Matt Serra via TKO. Then, he walked away from the sport to deny Johny Hendricks a rematch for the welterweight title after a very controversial decision.

He would make a successful return four years later, winning the UFC Middleweight title against Michael Bisping. He would then vacate the title when he suffered from ulcerative colitis, which would have held up the middleweight division,

Right now, there are no plans for St. Pierre yet shall he be interested in fighting again.

Do you think Anderson Silva vs Georges St. Pierre will happen? Will it still be considered a superfight? Let us know your thoughts

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