Former Everton Star James Rodriguez to Qatari Club

After granting Colombian international James Rodriguez permission to consider a move away from Goodison Park, sources have told ESPN that Rodriguez is in talks with Qatari club Al Rayyan.

Interested in a new team

Goodison manager, Rafael Benitez doubts and tells former Real Madrid midfielder James Rodriguez that he has no future with the management anymore. Since then Rodriguez has been missing in action for Everton.

After arriving from Real Madrid in 2019, Rodriguez had an immediate impact with three goals in his first five games for the team. However, due to injuries and a lack of depth and ambition in the second half of the season, Rodriguez's contribution to the team diminished significantly. During the summer transfer window, the 2014 World Cup Golden Boot winner had the possibility of moving to Porto, but no settlement could be obtained.

The 30-year-old is an interest for Everton since the management wants to take his £10 million-a-year contract off its pay bill. A three-year contract was added to his two-year agreement, making him Everton's highest-paid player ever. However, a deal with an obligation to sign Rodriguez permanently is also a possibility, according to ESPN's source.

Even though Everton has the chance to grant Rodriguez’s contract a few more years at the end of the season for him to have the opportunity to make enough appearances for the team. But unfortunately, according to some sources. It is the better decision for both player and team to move on.

The decision and process to move on

After the discouragement and interest in moving on, Rodriguez took to using Twitch as a platform to communicate and let his fans know his sentiments about what’s about to happen.

By the end of July, he had made the following decision about the future. In his words, "I'm not sure what's going to happen. I have no idea. I'm stumped. I have no idea where I'm going to play.

You know that in football and in life, you don't know anything, but all I know is that I've been working hard, preparing well, and training for me, and that's all. Everything about it is muddled in some way. [I'll play] anywhere they want me to. Someone must be in a location where they are desired."

Last August 14 he informed his fans that he’s still unsure if he’ll get back on the field or not. He told his fans on Twitch that there would be a game that Saturday and that he’s unaware of whether he’ll play or not. But assured them that in football, anything can happen. Things change fast by the end of the month.

Is it a good deal?

Some people doubt that maybe it's because of his health, that’s why he’s unable to play.

But Rodrigues once again informed his supporters that he’s in great shape and is still training. "I believe I'll begin training on Monday. I'm not playing this weekend, and I have no idea who Everton is playing.

Because the past was right here at home, I believe it's gone. Physically, I'm OK. Don't put too much stock in what people tell you. I'm doing well in my training, and I feel ready for whatever is ahead.” he said.

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