Tucker Out, Portis Stays for Bucks

PJ Tucker and Bobby Portis

It’s been 3 weeks since the Milwaukee Bucks won their first NBA Championship since 1971 and it’s given them huge success and great happiness. 

However, with every championship that ends and is celebrated, free agency and renewal of contracts are as follows. While most of the players for the Bucks are here to stay and get ready to face another challenge next season, the same cannot be said for Bucks Forward PJ Tucker. His third team in two seasons awaits him. 

Prior to joining the Bucks in the postseason, he played for the Houston Rockets in 2020-2021. Tucker has been offered a $15 million two-year deal as he heads south with the Miami Heat alongside Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo and the rest of the 2020 Eastern Conference Champions.

“Wow. I’m still a little lost for words to be honest. Still in shock but it is what it is. Today took a hard turn on the road of my career but like my grandma used to tell me.. all you can control is what you can control. With that being said Milwaukee.. the city of MILWAUKEE!!!! You will never fully understand what y’all mean to me. Our time together however short will hold some of the best memories of my life forever. You took me in and had my back throughout our journey and I will FOREVER be grateful and hold you near to my heart. I can’t thank y’all enough. WE WILL ALWAYS BE DAWGS!” Tucker captioned on his instagram post dedicated to the team he won a championship with. The post contained his journey with the Bucks and how grateful he was for the team and for the city that welcomed him. It was truly a meaningful experience for Tucker.

His time with the Bucks may be short but was definitely unforgettable as his impact will always be special to the team. Best of luck to PJ Tucker on his new chapter with the Miami Heat.

The Milwaukee Bucks still get to keep a loyal and energetic Power Forward in the likes of underdog and fan favorite, Bobby Portis. Portis agreed to a $9 million 2 year contract with Milwaukee and has expressed that he’s happy to stay. 

With the organization's culture and winning environment, as well as the way the community welcomed him, Portis declined an offer from the Mavericks and Heat in order to stay in Milwaukee.

“RUN THAT S*** BACK! Proud to call Milwaukee my home. Wouldn’t want to be no where else! #UNDERDOG," Portis said.