Jorge Masvidal Was Briefly Kicked Out Of American Top Team

Jorge Masvidal

Dissolution has happened in American Top Team as two of its top fighters continue their spat.

The team gave UFC welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal the boot after his alleged assault on teammate Colby Covington.

Both Masvidal and Covington not seeing eye to eye has been highly publicized since the latter won the interim UFC welterweight title.

The two teammates have been closely training together for ATT until two years ago when they started falling out.

Masvidal kicked out of ATT

American Top Team owner Dan Lambert himself booted "Gamebred" out of the team for a brief period according to Masvidal.

Masvidal claimed that Covington tried to "fight him" in the street. Furthermore, he admitted that he got kicked out for trying to assault Covington one time.

“Because I got kicked out of the gym for trying to assault him one time. And then I used to go to the spots that he used to frequent a lot and got the police called on me and things like that," Masvidal said.

Eventually, Lambert brought Masvidal back and kept Covington off the team instead.

TUF rumors

It was rumored back in February that Masvidal and Covington would be opposing coaches in the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. Nothing was made official regarding these rumors.

Asked about the possibility of coaching opposite Covington, Masvidal said:

“Me being a coach on the Ultimate Fighter with Colby was probably never gonna happen because I was for sure gonna end up in handcuffs,” he said. “It’s not gonna play out. You can’t pay me enough money to hear this idiot… Nah, it’s not happening.

“You can’t pay me enough money to do six weeks with this f—ng idiot. I would’ve gone to jail, for a fact. And I’m not trying to go to jail.”

Will Masvidal vs Covington ever happen?

A fight between these two former teammates will eventually happen in the future. The UFC will definitely not pass on such opportunity to sell such heated rivalry.

“This is somebody that I really can’t stand. So I really want to hurt this guy in a way that I’ve never done. I want to make it seem like the Ben Askren fight was very merciful compared to what I’m gonna do to Colby. Guaranteed," Masvidal said.

Right now, Masvidal's focus is on the task ahead as he is set to face welterweight champion Kamaru Usman once again in the main event of UFC 261.