What to expect to the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Bout

mike tyson vs roy jones jr

Yes, you are not mistaken this is 2020. You are not reading an old boxing article.

The boxing world was caught by storm by the announcement that two of the best undisputed heavyweight world champions are about to make a grand ring comeback.

After negotiations failed to materialize for a bout between Holyfield and Tyson, Roy Jones Jr. Served as a replacement to fight Tyson.

The original fight was slated in September but was later moved because of COVID-19.

Fighters like fine wine

Tyson and Jones were two of the most dominant fighter to ever touch a boxing ring. One news article would not give justice to state the accolades of a fighter of their calibers.

However, both of them are already in their 50's with Tyson already aged 54 and Jones 51.

Despite that, we can still expect an entertaining fight between former legends known to knock their opponents out cold in a boxing ring.

With their ages, the saying: "Wines tastes better through time" might be applicable in this fight.

A gift to the world during a pandemic

We are all shocked by events taking place in 2020, events like this are good not only for boxing fans but also worldwide. A match that can, in some way, take our minds off of what is currently happening with the pandemic.

Although not a competitive match and merely just an exhibition, I don't expect the two to take each other lightly.

These are not just ordinary world champions but legends of the sport. They are on another level in terms of mentality that led them to be world champions.

Given that, we should expect an entertaining fight.

Who would you take between the two?

There are several videos on social media showing Tyson's training. In one of those, he said: I'm Back.

The former heavyweight champion claimed that his drive and ego is back and he is very eager to go back to the ring.

Jones, on the other hand, is not that motivated at least on social media. The 51-year-old even said in an interview that he made a mistake going against one of the best first-round finishers in boxing history.

With their ages, lack of killer instinct and condition, and since this is just an exhibition match, they might not look for a knockout like how they used to be.

But knowing the two, we might witness some fire even the slightest from the two. Let's hope for the best and the safety of both.