Colby Covington settles score against Tyron Woodley

colby covington

After three years of back and forth trash talks in social media, UFC Welterweight star Colby Covington finally met former American Top Team Teammate Tyron Woodley in the octagon.

The fight ended via TKO in the at 1 minute 19 seconds in the fifth round with a Dan Miragliotta stoppage.

Miragliotta stopped the fight after cries for pain came out from the former UFC Welterweight Champion Woodley as reports confirmed that it was a broken rib.

The loss is the third straight for Woodley.

Dana will hold talks about Woodley's retirement

UFC President Dana White was not thrilled with the outcome of the fight and will hold talks about retirement with the former champion.

"I think that he should start thinking about hanging it up. He's had a great career, he's had a great run. He's made money." White said during the post-event press conference.

White expected the fight to be an exciting one especially because of the history between the two. Falling out after being teammates in the American Top Team.

"It depended on what Woodley was going to show up. Tyron Woodley was going to show up. As I said, it should have been a lot like the Usman fight. But that wasn't the Tyron we got tonight." White added.

What's next for Covington?

Covington surely wants another shot at the title after losing against UFC Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman via fifth-round TKO last December.

"I want my belt back! Where's my f---ing belt?!" Screamed by Covington after dominating Woodley.

However, it seems that Dana White has Gilbert Burns as the next contender for the title against Usman and might fight his former best friend Jorge Masvidal instead.

"Colby he's there," White said. "And the first fight was so incredible, him and Usman. I loved that fight. ... Maybe he fights Masvidal. We'll see if Masvidal wants that fight." White said during the post-event press conference.

Knowing that he cannot get a rematch for the title, Covington is ready to face a former friend and roommate in Masvidal.

"If I can't get the fair title fight, I want the best-friends-turned-enemies fight with Jorge Masvidal," Covington said.

Whether a rematch will be made against Usman or a rubber match against his former friend Masvidal, there will be no lackluster of excitement surrounding the competition among the contenders in the welterweight division in the UFC.