Could the 49ers land Tom Brady in NFL free agency?


Tom Brady has spent the entire two decades of his career with the New England Patriots. It would be a Cinderella story for any team that would be lucky enough to sign him

The Patriots legendary quarterback will be one of the most highly touted free agents in NFL history this coming offseason.

The 49ers is said to be the frontrunners to sign Brady. It's a feasible idea as Brady grew up in the San Francisco and started playing football there as well

Could the 49ers land Brady?

San Francisco can actually bring in the 42-year-old quarterback. The fact that Brady has a chance to play or the NFL team he rooted for while growing up to put a bow on his career is a sufficient sell at this point. 

He'll also have the chance to represent the same uniform his favorite player, Joe Montana did before calling it quits. San Francisco will have historically constrict its salary cap though.

What the 49ers need to do to sign Brady

San Francisco is $13.1 million under the proposed 2020 cap. The team still owes Jimmy Garoppolo $26.6 million against the cap in 2020.

The 49ers can sign Brady to a two-year deal with a cap charge of $22 million in 2020. Feasible but there will be issues.

For one, general manager John Lynch might have a problem retaining vital parts of the team's Super Bowl run. They'll have to keep defensive lineman Arik Armstead, safety Jimmie Ward and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders happy regardless of what move they make.

Should the 49ers trade Garoppolo?

Another problem that the 49ers might face is that moving Garoppolo in a market saturated with quarterbacks will not guarantee they can bring back the value a player of his talent should command.

"And if the Niners would, say, trade Garoppolo in the midst of one of the most jam-packed QB markets in free-agency history, good luck in getting real value for Garoppolo," King continued. "Finally: Who's your quarterback on opening day 2022, John Lynch?

"I think, as you can imagine, I am not bullish on the concept, either with Jimmy G staying or Jimmy G leaving. But if this happens, and Garoppolo stays, I would also like to wish the 49ers good luck with the quarterback position counting $49 million on the 2020 cap."

Despite critics shredding Garoppolo's performance in Super Bowl LIV, the 49ers see him as a quarterback they can rely on.

Don't expect the 49ers to get down on one knee in the Tom Brady sweepstakes. It would just be nice if he can cap a successful NFL career playing for his hometown.

Can the 49ers sign Tom Brady in free agency? Who else can possibly land the legendary quarterback? Let's talk about it in the comments below.