Conor McGregor urges everyone to go on full coronavirus lockdown in Ireland

MMA megastar Conor McGregor is asking the world to go into a full lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic.

Countries around world has taken actions and implemented tighter restrictions for its own citizens in the hopes of containing the spread of the virus. 

Conor McGregor calls for #LockdownUnited

McGregor posted a video on his YouTube channel urging everyone to immediately come together and unite in a worldwide lockdown in order to fight coronavirus.

He also called on Irish officials to lead the charge and gather the people of Ireland to take the same necessary measures other countries are doing.

The Irishman may be calling for a good cause but UFC boss doesn't seem to be a fan of this and is working towards the opposite.

Dana White still trying to save UFC 249

Despite lockdowns and restrictions, UFC president Dana White is still desperate to salvage the UFC 249 event

According to White, he said he was 99.9-percent certain that he had a new location to push through with the event.

The card features Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson fighting for the lightweight crown in the main event. 

Whether or not the UFC is able to find a new venue  for the April 18 event, either very strict measures will be implemented or the company may deal with heavy sanctions.

Neither of those seem fun as even the fighters on the card will be put at risk.

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