Charles Barkley plans to auction Olympic gold medal

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Charles Barkley wants to let go of a fragment of his legacy as a basketball player.

The 1996 Dream Team member said in multiple interviews that he plans to sell his 1996 Olympic gold medal. The jewelry is only one among many basketball memorabilia from his basketball career.

Barkley said the proceeds will help pay for 20 affordable houses he plans to build in his hometown of Leeds, Alabama.

Charles Barkley plans to sell gold medal

“I don’t think I have to walk around with my gold medal or my MVP trophy for people to know I’m Charles Barkley, so I’m going to sell all that crap,” Barkley said.

“That just clutters my house. I used to keep it at my grandmother’s house, but they all passed away, and I don’t want that stuff crapping up my house,” he added.

He plans to keep his 1992 Olympic Dream Team gold medal. Barkley's daughter wants to keep one of them according to him.

Barkley would even go as far as calling such sentimental memorabilia of his an "eyesore."

How much would his memorabilia cost?

Barkley estimated his 1993 NBA MVP trophy to sell for at least $300,000 to $400,000. He didn’t give a n estimated value for his 1996 Olympic gold medal.

It will be remembered that Carmelo Anthony auctioned his 2004 Olympic bronze medal. The hardware sold for $14,080 in 2014. Barkley's is more sentimental by virtue of being a "Dream Team" memorabilia. 

Plus, it's real gold which should amount for a high value.

How much will Barkley's 1996 gold medal sell for? Will he be able to raise his target amount? Let's talk about his decision in the comments section.