Lakers open to entertaining pitches for Kyle Kuzma trade

The Los Angeles Lakers are still in search of any possible way to get an upper hand against the Clippers, Bucks, and other contending teams.

The Lakers feel they could still use some roster upgrades before the trade deadline. There is quite an issue however.

The team sent most of its best assets and draft picks to New Orleans so they could land Anthony Davis. The expiring contracts of the veteran holdovers provide little value around the league too.

Teams might want Kyle Kuzma though.

Lakers reportedly willing to ‘listen to pitches’ for Kuzma trade

Lakers GM Rob Pelinka is reportedly listening to offers for their third-year forward. Sources indicate that the team is entertaining pitches for Kuzma.

The rumors about a potential Kuzma trade have been circulating for a while now. Lack of chemistry and improvement on the defensive end were cited as reason for such trade rumor.

Is trading Kuzma worth it?

The Lakers are in a win-now situation rather than a process. The team needs more playmaking and defense as they have all the firepower they need on offense. 

Kuzma's presence may sometimes make it redundant without much defensive return. Plus, Kuzma is now eligible for a contract extension which might make him demand more. 

He could simply use his production in his first two seasons and having to play alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis on his third. It also might play against him as playing alongside two superstars exposed his limitations.

Pelinka might think twice since Davis will most likely sign a max extension anytime soon.

Kuzma's struggles

Kuzma’s numbers have taken a dip since Davis came on board. Davis has become the de facto No. 2 option behind James. Kuzma is averaging 12.1 points and 3.5 rebounds a game this season. He is shooting percentage isn't up to par with his previous seasons at 42.5. 

Another team might see this as an opportunity to use Kuzma the way he was playing in his first two seasons. A secondary scorer on a team which heavily relies on a single one. Maybe a defensive-oriented team that needs a little bit of offense to extend leads

Kuzma will most likely staywith the Lakers if no deal comes up but it doesn't mean the Lakers aren't listening to some better offers.

Will Kyle Kuzma remain a Laker by the end of trade deadline? Which team needs him the most? Comment down below your thoughts.