Kamaru Usman says McGregor fight not fair, wants to fight Georges St-Pierre

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UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman wants to have a dream match that can become a "passing of the torch."

Usman won the welterweight belt by defeating Tyron Woodley, then would proceed to finish Colby Covington in his first defense. He is scheduled to face Jorge Masvidal for his next title defense. 

Although the fight hasn't been officially signed yet, UFC president Dana White is already shooting for it.

Masvidal is currently the No. 3 ranked welterweight behind Usman and Covington. A title fight is bound to happen down the line.

McGregor still the draw

Most of the UFC welterweights wants Conor McGregor for the instant huge payday. McGregor's name has been synonymous with more exposure and increased pay-per-view buys.
McGregor's last fight agains Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, which aired as an ESPN+ streaming service pay-per-view, is tracking to be one of the highest pay-per-view draws in company history. 
"The last pay-per-view (UFC 246) they're saying tracked just below Conor and Khabib. They think it's more than 2 million pay-per-view buys," Joe Rogan said.

Usman not interested in McGregor fight

"You can't take anything away from Conor. Conor has put himself in that status, to be that guy," Usman said.

"But can you imagine me fighting Conor? That wouldn't even be fair. Everyone has a puncher's chance, but it would not be fair. You saw what Khabib did to him at 55. Now imagine me doing that to him at 70," he explained further.

Usman said he'd rather take a chance at an opportunity to face Georges St-Pierre, one of the greatest welterweight champion in UFC history: The problem is St-Pierre is once again retired and only chooses when and who he faces.
"Georges went out the way you're supposed to go out and he could still do it. He proved it," said Usman.

"I know he can compete still. And I'd like to test that. There's a reason guys like myself and Khabib want to fight him. We want to test ourselves. Georges is the best. He did everything the right way... and he can still do it," he added.

Usman said he isn't interested in it for the hype, nor the money. He just wants to test himself against the best.

Is Georges St-Pierre willing to face Kamaru Usman? Will it put a dent on his legacy. Comment down below if you want to see this fight happen.

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