LaMelo Ball impresses in Australia stint, reportedly moving up draft boards

The Ball Family only has New Orleans Pelicans point guard Lonzo Ball as their only bright side so far. It seems like another is just emerging.

Lonzo's youngest brother LaMelo has reportedly been turning heads in Australia. He is starting to mature both physically and mentally as a player.

The youngest Ball is now 6-foot-6 equipped with handles and a lot more focusing his game. He is definitely turning into an NBA-level prospect according to scouts.

Highest upside

LaMelo has been regarded as the one with the highest upside among the Ball brothers. The hype for him though got derailed when he got involved with the Big Baller Brand at a young age.

After the series of drama surrounding his father's company, LaMelo decided to take his game to Australia this year. He has reportedly blown people away with his performances in the land down under 

His play was so impressive that he is starting to climb up NBA draft boards. LaMelo is now a the top three to five prospect in next year's draft.

LaVar Ball intervening with his sons' business

Their father LaVar Ball is probably the reason people started ignoring how talented the Ball brothers can be. 

Lonzo, the eldest of the Ball brothers got into the NBA before his father could intervene with his college stint. Even the Lakers chose to let him go instead of Kyle Kuzma just to get rid of the bad publicity attached to his last name.

LiAngelo decided to forgo his college eligibility to play in pro-am leagues to help his father's brand. It also hurt his draft stock as no team took him when he declared for the NBA Draft.

LaMelo is the last hope for the Ball family and he might just be the bright side have been looking for in years.

Impressing scouts

Reporters went to Australia to cover LaMelo's games there. They were just impressed as the scouts that traveled down there to do the same.

LaMelo ranks third in ESPN's early mock draft. Part of which are the positive scouting reports he got.

He changed people's perception of the type of prospect he is while in Australia. Coaches and teammates even vouched for how he conducts himself off the court.

“He plays with incredible pace. He’s never sped up. He’s never rattled by anything that’s thrown at him,” one scout said. 

“You’re expecting something magical to happen every time he has the ball. He sees everything. He can make every pass with either hand off a live dribble. His style of play is tailor-made for the NBA game, especially if you surround him with shooting and better finishers,” the scout elaborated.

Others on board

Though Ball has been moving up draft boards, there are a number of prospects that seem to be locks on top.

A lot can change between now to the draft next June. Other top prospects such as James Wiseman, Cole Anthony, and Anthony Edwards have the potential to be high draft picks as well.

Teams draft boards shift from time to time during the months leading to the draft. LaMelo Ball closing on top three is a proof of that.

Bad news though if you aren't a fan. There's definitely going to be a lot of LaVar Ball everywhere.

Is LaMelo Ball a top three prospect? Will he climb up some more in next year's draft? Let us know your thoughts on the youngest Ball brother.

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