Grizzlies intends to keep Andre Iguodala. Refuses to talk buyout.

The Golden State Warriors had a superstar shakeup this summer with Kevin Durants departure and D'Angelo Russell's arrival. 

The Memphis Grizzlies on the other hand isn't interested in shaking theirs up. The team acquired Andre Iguodala from Golden State in a salary dump move by the Warriors.

Iguodala is likely playing his last few years and will surely like to play with another contender. The Grizzlies on the other hand want him as part of their plans.

Grizzlies reportedly refusing to talk buyout with Andre Iguodala

Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that Memphis wants three-time champion Andre Iguodala to report to training camp. 

The team is refusing to engage in buyout talks right now as they want Iguodala to report to training camp. It would prevent Iguodala from finishing his career on his own terms in the twilight of his career.

This sounds like a leverage play from an agent.

Should Iguodala be bought out?

One feasible idea is to hold onto Iguodala until the trade deadline. That way, they have a chance to acquire an asset back to help the team rebuild.

The problem might be what Iguodala wants. He would prefer to play for whatever contending team for a full season. That's why he wants a buyout as soon as possible.

Iguodala is very valuable for a young Memphis locker room with players such as Jaren Jackson Jr. and Ja Morant. He just might not want to be part of th
at lengthy process.

Iguodala will have to give up more than just the price of a minimum contract to get a buyout done. Someone might just want t
o gain a little leverage with this leak.

Should the Grizzlies buy Iguodala out now or trade him on the deadline? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.