Bol Bol given two-way contract by the Denver Nuggets

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The Denver Nuggets and rookie Bol Bol are in working terms as the team gives the NBA legend's son a chance.

Bol was the No. 44 pick in the 2019 NBA draft and is the son of former NBA player Manute Bol. He will sign a two-way contract that the Nuggets offered him.

He definitely needs time to develop as he tallied the highest fat percentage in the draft combine. Ball also needs to acclimate to the physicality of the NBA.

The G-League might give him just that in the hopes of developing his body and patching up some holes in his game.

Height must teach itself

Bol’s potential is based on his 7’3″ height. That unteachable aspect is the worst basis for a player's talent however.

He averaged 21 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 2.7 blocked shots per game last season at Oregon. He showed his range as well on the three-point line.

The problem with Bol's statistics however is they were only spread throughout the nine games he played in college.

Thon Maker of the Detroit Pistons has a similar situation. Maker is a prep-to-pro player which made it hard to prove he could perform well beyond college-level basketball.

Maker had all the same potential but he wasn't strong enough to bang with NBA bigs. Like him, Ball must work twice as hard in order to not waste his length.

Possible risks

Bol suffered a Navicular bone fracture in his left foot nine games into his NCAA career. Big men with foot issues are an extremely huge risk as history indicates.

He didn’t play in Summer League as he was still recovering from that injury. There are even questions about how his dedication the game as evidenced by his poor physique.

Joel Embiid is as the same mold and body type as Maker and Bol. The difference is Embiid's commitment to his conditioning and body development.

Bol should be willing to put in the work it would take to become a valuable NBA player, let alone stay in the NBA.

Is G-League the place?

The developmental league is not an assurance that Bol will be the next Embiid. Former no. 2 overall pick Hasheem Thabeet can tell you that. 

What Bol can do while in the G-League is prove that he’s got the drive and work ethic. His development will definitely be closely monitored especially if he is to be playing alongside Nikola Jokic on the actual roster.

Denver traded up in order to draft for Bol in the middle of the second round. The risk was minimal and so is his two-way contact.

The Nuggets' front office is reportedly confident that Bol can make the leap up to the NBA. It's his job now to that faith.

Will Bol Bol be a decent NBA player? What else does he have to develop? Let us know what you think about the young 7'3 center.