San Antonio Considers Giving DeMar DeRozan Max Extension

If Gregg Popovich likes your style of play, you are going to either be a Spur for life or he finds a way to get you back. 

In the case of San Antonio Spurs superstar DeMar Derozan, coach Pop wants him to stay.

After an unenviable end to their Kawhi Leonard situation, the team wants to trudge forward with what is currently on hand.

It's not without setbacks however.

Spurs' woes

For years, the Spurs organization has based itself on a winning team where new players come and blend into the winning formula.

Last season's plans were put on hold when Dejounte Murray tore his ACL which left San Antonio scrambling at the point guard position.

Even as youngsters stepped up, it wasn't enough as the Spurs ended the season in seventh place In the Western Conference.

It wasn't a bad finish in a loaded Western Conference but more is expected when you have DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan together on your team.

Is DeRozan worth the max extension?

DeRozan plays with the same intensity he has done his entire career. 

Sure he has gave up a lot of his dunking to be an efficient perimiter player similar to what Kobe Bryant did later in his career.

Just like Bryant however, there came a time where his effective style of play was no longer enough to single-handedly carry a team.He is still starring for the Spurs and appears to be a crucial part of what they have planned going forward. 

If there is one player expected to get an extension sometime soon, it's definitely him over Aldrige.

It's a matter of how much DeRozan is worth as a star player? It is interesting to note that he has not hit a 3-pointer since 2018.

It hasn't stopped the Spurs however from having ruled out giving DeRozan a max deal.

Well aside from his reliability on offense, DeRozan has also averaged career highs in rebounds, assists, and blocks with the Spurs last season. It's safe to say despite the team's finish, playing with them made him a better individual player.

Nobody else on that Spurs team has played like a max player yet so it wouldn’t be a surprise if DeRozan did eventually get a max contract from the Spurs.

Does DeMar DeRozan deserve a max deal? Tell us your thoughts on the comments below.