Colby Covington dominates Robbie Lawler in One-Sided Affair

Colby Covington punches Robbie Lawler at UFC on ESPN 5

Colby Covington might be the hottest thing in the UFC right now.

"Chaos" dominated Robbie Lawler for five rounds in the UFC on ESPN 5 main event on Saturday in Newark, New Jersey.

Lawler is known for his "Ruthless" striking ability but Covington gave him little opportunity to show that as he got outclassed by his brash opponent.

One-sided affair

Covington showed complete octagon control. He took Lawler to the canvas throughout the first two rounds.

Lawler tried to rally as he started defending the takedowns better. Covington just never left him any openings throughout the fight.

Covington knew Lawler will look to explode on his feet. He just happened to outsmart his opponent and worked for takedowns.

Towards the end of the opening round, Covington got Lawler to the canvas, where he worked for the rear-naked choke for most of the round.

Round two started the same way round one ended. Covington attacked with takedowns and working for the rear-naked choke again. 

Lawler continued to defend took the fight back to stand-up. The plan backfired however as he ate a steady diet of punches from Covington.

Round three was sort of brighter for Lawler. He seemed to gain rhythm but Covington just happened to be the busier one.

Covington kept busy in round four. He kept the flow of unending stream of punches then scored another takedown in the latter half of the round.  

Same story happened in round 5. By that time, Covington has already asserted total control.

Lawler had one bright moment when he caught Covington with a good uppercut. He just didn't follow up well and only managed to slow down an already winning Covington. 

Title shot next

It was an impressive performance and a landslide victory for Covington, who took a unanimous decision from the judges.

Covington was quick to call out
welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. 

“Marty Fake Usman, I don’t need to wait for Nov. 2 in Madison Square Garden. We can do it tonight. We can do it right now. Where you at? Let’s do it right now!," Covington said.

Rashad Evans got a chance to interview Covington up close to Usman as they were at the UFC's kickoff panel. 

The exchange between Usman and Covington got heated which builds up the hype even more for a welterweight showdown.

Good thing Dana White already has this planned.

Who's excited to see Usman vs Covington? Leave a comment and tell us which side you are on.