NCAA to sanction 6 basketball teams for alleged corruption

The FBI is investigating six college basketball programs over allegations of corruption. The six teams involved will be hearing from the NCAA regarding the matter.

The six schools are yet to be named but NCAA vice president Stan Wilcox dropped hints on which schools are involved. Wilcox said that the Southern District of New York’s legal cases would be a good starting point. 

"I would just say that it's clear when you look at the number of cases that were listed by the Southern District of New York, those numbers are more than likely be reflected in the number of cases that are going to be moving forward," said Wilcox, a former Florida State athletic director and Notre Dame basketball player.

Big names involved

Big names have been found guilty in the controversy. Former Adidas executive James Gatto, former Adidas consultant Merl Code and basketball middleman Christian Dawkins allegedly conspired to commit wire fraud according to the federal trial held in October 2018.

The main charges stemmed from a $100,000 payment to the family of Louisville recruit Brian Bowen. 

Gatto was also found guilty on a charge relating to the University of Kansas.

Possible schools involved

Louisville and Kansas are already involved according to the trial. LSU, USC, Auburn, and Arizona could possibly complete the list of six. 

Former assistants from USC, Oklahoma State, Auburn and Arizona all pled guilty in the federal trials surrounding college basketball corruption. 

LSU coach Will 
Wade was caught on an FBI wiretap mentioning a “strong ass offer” for a recruit.The school initially suspended the basketball coach but reinstated him in April. 

Arizona was also a target of NCAA investigators but Coach Sean Miller denied paying recruits as previously reported by Yahoo Sports.

As for Kansas, NCAA is investigating its case after federal wiretaps recorded Kansas assistant Kurtis Townsend allegedly asking what it would take for top recruit Zion Williamson to play for them. 

Adidas representative T.J. Gassnola testified at the early 2019 trial that he had paid money to the guardian of forward Silvio de Sousa.

De Sousa was banned by the NCAA in February Kansas appealed his case which allowed De Sousa to be reinstated for next season.

Which other schools do you think or know engage in such activity? Comment down below on what you know.