Cristiano Ronaldo Looks to Break Mourinho Curse

Cristiano Ronaldo looks to break a longtime spell as he returns to familiar territory against a familiar team led by a familiar face.

Juventus faces Manchester United in a Champions League game at Old Trafford on Tuesday. Ronaldo hopes to break an unimpressive record when against Manchester United team manager Jose Mourinho.

Bitter reunion?

A familiar team led by a familiar face. These are the stops Ronaldo had before ending up in Juventus in 2018.

Ronaldo was already bound for greatness when he played for Manchester United. He saw he's had his best years in Real Madrid under Mourinho's coaching.

Although there are no hard feelings as the two teams are set to kick off on Tuesday, the Juventus star still the feeling of a need to improve a poor record against Mourinho.

The curse

All in all, Ronaldo has only scored one goal in 14 games that his side played against Mourinho on the opposite side. Mourinho however has only lost one game in five as a coach when his side plays against Juventus.

Ronaldo has recorded at least one loss to Mourinho in each of the four teams he has played for.

It took him a long while to score his first win against Mourinho but only assisted in it when Manchester United defeated Chelsea in 2005. He eventually scored his first goal against the manager when Manchester United beat Inter Milan in 2009.

Will Ronaldo be able to break the curse?

The curse of an underperforming Ronaldo will be tested again but this time, against a Manchester United team that is having internal issues with their manager.

Ronaldo looks to capitalize on United's distrust in Mourinho and score one over his compatriot. The last time the two met was nine years ago when Ronaldo faced Mourinho's United in last year's UEFA Super Cup.

Madrid won that game 2-1. Ronaldo is hopeful that history will repeat itself come Tuesday.

Can Cristiano Ronaldo score another win over Jose Mourinho? Will the curse of facing Mourinho take effect once again? Leave a comment and tell us which side you are on.

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