Thailand Boxer Surpasses Mayweather's Undefeated Record

WBC Mini-Flyweight champion Wanheng Menayothin from Thailand secured his 51st win after he beat Filipino boxer Pedro Taduran via unanimous decision in their title fight in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand.

The win did not only make him keep his title but also brought his undefeated record up to 51straight wins.

Still the champ

Nicknamed the "dwarf giant", the 105-pound champion had a tough task at hand as he faced a Filipino fighter. Wanheng had a hard time finishing a tough Taduran as the Filipino  endured massive amounts of punishment from the champion's heavy hits.

The 21-year old Taduran showed signs of hope, especially in the fifth round where he saw an opening to deliver a flurry of punches. Experience was on the side of the veteran Wanheng, who showed composure as the bout reached the second half.

Wanheng pulled away as the fight continued as fatigue was visible on the side of Taduran. The champion delivered multiple clean hits to his challenger as the rounds progressed. 

All three judges scored the bout in favor of Wanheng, who has now surpassed Floyd Mayweather's record of 50 straight wins.

Time to step up in competition?

Despite the record-setting win, Wanheng is still far from earning Floyd Mayweather money as he has competed in a rather less than marketable division. He will need to not only move up in weight class, but also explore his options in the western part of the world.

Wanheng's compact build and heavy hitting style sacrifices a lot in terms of speed, especially as he faces fighters who are naturals at a higher weight class. 

At 5'2, Wanheng will not only be at a height disadvantage, but also in the reach department once he moves up in weight class.

The level of competition he has faced at this point is the main reason boxing fans have yet to hear about him despite his accomplishments.

After his record setting win, promoters across North America must now consider booking Wanheng for a fight in the United States.

Should Wanheng Menayothin be considered in the pound-for-pound list? Will he make it once he faces higher competition? Let us know your thoughts.

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